A Guide to Basketball Ending Betting in the Philippines

Dunk your bets! Dive into Basketball Ending, the thrilling Filipino game where scores become prizes. Your ultimate guide inside
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What is Basketball Ending?

Basketball Ending is a game where players bet on the last digits of both teams’ scores at the end of a basketball game. If the last digits of your chosen combination match the last digits of the final scores, you win!

How do I play Basketball Ending?

  1. Choose your combination: Pick a two-digit number combination, often based on your birthday or another meaningful number.
  2. Find an open card: Look for someone hosting an “open card” online or in your community. This card will outline the bet amount, prize money, and specific rules.
  3. Place your bet: Decide how much you want to wager on your lucky digits.
  4. Watch the game: Cheer for both teams, hoping the final score ends in your favor!
  5. Collect your winnings (if you win): If your chosen combination matches the last digits of the final scores, you win a share of the prize pool.


  1. Pick your lucky two-digit number: Imagine your birthday, January 24th. So your lucky number is 24.
  2. Watch the game and wait for the final score: This is where the real fun begins!
  3. Check the last digit of each team’s score: Let’s say the final score is 94-95. Remember, the order matters.
  4. Compare your lucky number to the final digits: In this case, 95 doesn’t have 24 at the end, so you unfortunately lose this game.
  5.  But wait, there’s more! You wouldn’t lose in these scenarios:
  • 92-84: 24 is the last digit (2-4), so you WIN!
  • 102-94: 24 shows up at the end (2-4), another WIN!

If 84-102 is the final score, 4 and 2 are the ending number, and you bet in 2-4, you bet in the wrong order (2-4), so you wouldn’t win.

Why Play Basketball Ending?

There are several reasons why Basketball Ending has become so popular in the Philippines:

  • It’s affordable: Bets can be as low as a few pesos, making it accessible to everyone.
  • It’s exciting: The unpredictable nature of basketball scores adds a constant thrill to the game.
  • It’s social: Playing with loved ones is a great way to have fun and bond.
  • It can be lucrative: You can win big prizes with luck and the right strategy.
Basketball Betting

Basketball Ending Tips and Strategies

Think of a Basketball Ending like picking a secret door code based on your birthday. Here’s how to win:

  1. Pick your lucky code: Choose two numbers, like your birthday (04 for April 4th). These are your secret digits to unlock the prize!
  2. Watch the game and wait: The score is like a spinning dial on the door.
  3. Check the final score: When the game ends, look at the last digit of each team’s score. These are the two numbers that stop the dials.
  4. Match your code: If your two lucky numbers match either of the two numbers on the dials, you win!

Bonus Tips

  • Spread your bets across different games to boost your chances.
  • Pick teams with scoring patterns that match your lucky numbers.
  • Set a budget and stick to it – gambling should be fun, not stressful!
  • Play with friends and share the excitement!

Common Mistake in Basketball Ending Betting? 

 Think of your lucky numbers as a secret code to unlock a prize. This code isn’t the actual score! Some players, especially when excited, might mix up the two. They might:

  • Double-check your code and the final scores: Ensure the order and location of your numbers match the organizer’s rules.
  • Always clarify with the organizer: If anything is unclear about the score interpretation or overtime rules, ask before placing your bet.
  • Keep it organized: Track your bets, codes, and winning rules in a notebook or spreadsheet. This helps you stay aware and avoid confusion.
  • Misinterpret overtime: If overtime happens and the organizer’s rules need clarification, some players might mistakenly apply the extra score or exclude it altogether.

Where Can I Bet on Basketball Ending?

Basketball Ending is only legal within establishments that hold a valid PAGCOR license. here are the top licensed betting sites in the Philippines 

  1. OKBet: This platform mainly focuses on online sports betting and casino games. While Basketball Ending has recently seen some legal developments in the Philippines, it’s crucial to note that PAGCOR’s approval excludes independent online platforms like OKBet. Therefore, I cannot confirm or deny the availability of Basketball Ending on this platform.
  2. Bet88: This established global platform offers various online sports betting options, including Basketball. However, similar to OKBet, Basketball Ending’s availability on Bet88, specifically within the Philippines, remains to be determined due to the existing legal grey area regarding independent online platforms.
  3. Arena Plus: This platform appears to be associated with land-based gambling establishments in the Philippines. Basketball Ending might be available here depending on the specific establishment’s license and offerings. It’s important to verify their license and specific rules before participating.
  4. Jade Sportsbet: This platform operates primarily in land-based establishments within the Philippines. Like Arena Plus, if their establishment holds a valid PAGCOR license and offers Basketball Ending, you can participate within their physical location. However, online betting on this platform remains uncertain due to the legality of Basketball Ending on independent online platforms


  • Thrilling twist: Basketball Ending adds excitement to watching your favorite teams, keeping you engaged even during nail-biting close calls.
  • Strategic fun: It’s not just about luck! Analyzing team trends, diversifying bets, and understanding rules can significantly boost your chances of winning.
  • Social buzz: Share the thrill with friends, pool resources, and create a lively atmosphere around the game.
  • Potential rewards: Landing the right combination can be incredibly satisfying, especially with sizeable prize pools on the line.


  • Legal limbo: Online platforms offering Basketball Ending operate in a grey area, so tread cautiously and prioritize licensed establishments.
  • Gambling risks: Remember, it’s still gambling. Set limits, play responsibly, and never chase losses.
  • Misunderstandings: Refusing the code with the score or remembering specific rules can lead to disappointment. Stay informed and ask questions.


The verdict? Basketball Ending ignites your love for the game by turning last digits into potential prizes! But before you slam dunk your bets, grab this betting guide: Play it safe with legal platforms, pick teams with hot numbers, double-check the winning team rule, and share the thrills with friends. Now, tune in, unleash your lucky numbers, and rule the court of Basketball Ending! Remember, play smart, have fun, and let the game be your ultimate reward!

So, are you ready to dunk your bets and score a winning season? Grab your lucky numbers, tune in to the game, and experience the exhilarating magic of Basketball Ending. Just remember, play safe, have fun, and let the thrill of the game be your ultimate prize! Bet Now


Basketball Ending is not specifically illegal in the Philippines. However, gambling laws in the country prohibit operating a gambling game without a license. This means that organizers of Basketball Ending games could be breaking the law.

The prize money in Basketball Ending varies depending on the bet amount and the organizer’s payout structure. Typically, the prize is around 70% of the total bets, and it can be broken down into smaller prizes for different quarters, with the last quarter having the highest payout.

Basketball Ending is less popular outside the Philippines. However, the game is still popular in countries with large Filipino communities, including the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.

Basketball Ending is not a guaranteed way to make money. It is more likely that you will lose money than win. If you are looking for a way to make money, many other, safer options are available.


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