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Future betting is when you place wagers on events or outcomes that will happen in the future, like championship or league winners, player awards, and special events. The odds for these bets are set before the event starts and can change based on team/player performance, injuries, trades, and management changes. Successful future betting requires considering various factors like historical performance, current form, strength of schedule, and market trends. Future bets can have higher payouts but also come with risks from unforeseen events or changes.
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how to bet using future/ outright betting strategies

Types of future bets

There are several types of future bets in sports betting, including:

Championship/Outright Winner Bets

These bets involve predicting the winner of a tournament or competition before it begins. Examples include betting on the winner of the Super Bowl, World Series, or NBA Finals.

Conference/League Winner Bets

These bets involve predicting the winner of a conference or league before the season starts. Examples include betting on the winner of the AFC or NFC Conference in the NFL or the winner of the Premier League in soccer.

Division Winner Bets

These bets involve predicting the winner of a division within a conference or league before the season starts. Examples include betting on the winner of the NFC East in the NFL or the winner of the AL East in baseball.

Player Awards Bets

These bets involve predicting which player will win a specific award, such as MVP or Rookie of the Year. Examples include betting on the winner of the NBA MVP award or the Heisman Trophy in college football.

Special Event Bets

These bets involve predicting the outcome of a specific event or game within a larger tournament or competition. Examples include betting on the winner of the Super Bowl halftime show or the number of points scored in the NCAA National Championship game.

Strategies for successful future betting

Several strategies can help improve the chances of success when it comes to future betting in sports, including:

Diversification of Bets

Placing bets on multiple teams or players can help spread the risk and increase the chances of a successful outcome. For example, instead of betting all your money on one team to win the championship, consider placing smaller bets on a few different teams you think have a chance of winning.

Keeping away from expensive squads and players

If a team or player seems to have been overcharged, you should probably avoid betting on them. Instead, try to join or acquire players who are under the radar.

Discovering hidden gems among the underdogs, the underappreciated, and the underappreciated

Look for groups or people who, despite the odds, have a good chance of winning. It’s possible that some teams or players have a higher chance of winning than the odds indicate, and that betting on them could result in a larger payout.

Maintaining a state of familiarity with recent events

Better betting decisions can be made in the future if you keep up with current events and trends. Be aware of anything that might alter a team’s or player’s performance, such as a change in coaching staff, an injury, or a trade.

Comparing Chances at Several Bookmakers

You could increase your chances of success by actively seeking the best odds. Check the odds at a number of different sportsbooks to find the one that best suits your betting needs.

Risks and drawbacks of future betting

Like any sports betting, future betting comes with certain risks and drawbacks. Some of these include:

  1. Long Timeframe: One of the biggest risks of future betting is that it can take a long time for the event to happen. This means bettors may have to wait weeks or even months to see if their bet is successful, tying up their funds for an extended period.
  2. Limited Liquidity: Future bets may have less liquidity than other types, such as point spreads or totals, which means there may be a lower limit on how much you can wager.
  3. No Guaranteed Returns: Future betting comes with no guaranteed returns, which means there is always the risk of losing your wager. Even if the team or player you bet on has a strong season, unforeseen events may prevent them from winning the championship or award you bet on.
  4. Unforeseen Events: Future betting also comes with the risk of unforeseen events that can impact the outcome of the bet. For example, a key player could get injured or traded, or a team’s coach could be fired, which could impact their performance and ultimately affect the outcome of the bet.
  5. Lower Payouts: Future bets typically offer lower payouts than other types of bets, such as point spreads or totals. This is because the odds are set further in advance, and there is a higher degree of uncertainty about the outcome.


Future betting involves predicting the outcome of a tournament or competition before it begins, with bets like outright winner, player awards, and division winner. However, it has risks such as long timeframe, limited liquidity, no guaranteed returns, unforeseen events, and lower payouts. Using strategies like diversification, seeking value in underdogs, staying updated, and using multiple sportsbooks can increase success and reduce risk.

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