Alyssa Valdez’s Achievement and Salary

Discover Alyssa Valdez’s achievements, salary, and inspirational journey in the world of volleyball.
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Alyssa Valdez, often called the “Phenom,” is a renowned Filipino volleyball player whose impact on sports and beyond is extraordinary. In this comprehensive content brief, we delve into her achievements, statistics, and career and even attempt to estimate her salary. Alyssa Valdez’s story is a testament to dedication, empowerment, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Alyssa Valdez’s Achievements and Statistics

A Phenomenal Career in the UAAP

  • 4x UAAP Season MVP
    • Alyssa Valdez’s incredible talent and consistency earned her four Most Valuable Player awards in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines.
  • 4x UAAP Best Scorer
    • She clinched the Best Scorer title four times, highlighting her remarkable offensive skills.
  • 3x UAAP Best Server
    • Her prowess in serving is evident from her three Best Server awards.
  • 1x UAAP Finals MVP
    • Valdez’s exceptional performance during the finals of the UAAP secured her the Finals MVP title.
  • 2x UAAP Champion
    • Under her leadership, her team won two UAAP championships.

Dominating the Shakey’s V-League

  • 1x Conference MVP
    • Alyssa Valdez’s talents extended to the Shakey’s V-League, where she was named Conference MVP.
  • 1x 1st Best Outside Spiker
    • Her skills as an outside spiker were recognized with this award.
  • 3x Champion
    • Valdez helped her team clinch victory in three of Shakey’s V-League championships.

Conquering the Premier Volleyball League (PVL)

  • 2x Conference MVP
    • She continued her winning streak with two Conference MVP titles in the PVL.
  • 2x Best Outside Spiker
    • Her expertise as an outside spiker remained unparalleled.
  • 2x Champion
    • Valdez’s dedication contributed to her team’s triumph in two PVL championships.

International Glory with the Philippine National Volleyball Team

  • Southeast Asian Games Gold Medalist (2019)
    • She brought home the gold at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.
  • Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Cup Silver Medalist (2022)
    • Valdez’s contributions helped secure a silver medal at the 2022 AVC Cup.

Notable Records

  • UAAP’s All-Time Leading Scorer
    • Alyssa Valdez holds the highest number of points scored in UAAP history.
  • PVL’s All-Time Leading Outside Spiker
    • She also secured the top spot for the most successful outside spiker in the PVL.
  • 4-Time UAAP Season MVP
    • Valdez is one of only two players to have achieved this remarkable feat.

Alyssa Valdez’s journey is adorned with numerous awards and records, cementing her legacy as a volleyball legend in the Philippines.

alyza valdez

Alyssa Valdez’s Estimated Salary

Alyssa Valdez is one of the highest-paid volleyball players in the Philippines, earning millions of pesos. She also amasses a substantial income through endorsements and various business ventures due to her immense popularity in the country. Her success is attributed to her dedication to volleyball and unwavering commitment to empowerment.


Alyssa Valdez, the Phenom of Philippine volleyball, has left an indelible mark on the sport. Her extraordinary career, achievements, and estimated salary reflect her unparalleled dedication and impact in sports and beyond. She continues to inspire aspiring athletes and stands as a symbol of hope for millions across the Philippines.


Alyssa Valdez’s four-time UAAP Season MVP award is one of her most significant achievements, showcasing her exceptional talent in volleyball.

She won gold in 2019 SEA Games and silver in 2022 AVC Cup.

Valdez is the UAAP’s all-time leading scorer and PVL’s all-time leading outside spiker, underlining her dominance in the sport.

Her salary is a result of her remarkable talent, dedication, and the endorsements and business ventures that stem from her immense popularity.

Alyssa Valdez serves as an inspiration and symbol of hope for countless aspiring athletes in the Philippines, showing them the possibilities of success through dedication and empowerment.


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