What is the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA)?

CEZA: The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority regulates gambling in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone. Learn more about its authorized gambling activities & regulations.
what is ceza?

The Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) takes center stage in economic development and governmental oversight. Established under Republic Act No. 7922, the CEZA is the pivotal governmental agency entrusted with the authorization and regulation of gambling activities within the Cagayan Special Economic Zone (CSEZ).

The Legal Framework: Authority and Jurisdiction

Under the auspices of Republic Act No. 7922, the CEZA is vested with the authority to independently operate or collaboratively engage with private entities in interactive gaming and diverse forms of gaming undertakings within the precincts of the CSEZ. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that the CEZA’s jurisdiction is limited to the geographical bounds of the CSEZ and does not extend to gambling activities beyond its periphery.

Regulations and Guidelines

The CEZA has meticulously crafted a series of regulations, including the Interactive Gaming Rules and Regulations of 2017, to govern gambling operations within the CSEZ. These regulations outline the prerequisites for acquiring a gambling license within the zone and establish the benchmarks that must be upheld to ensure the integrity and transparency of these operations.

Vigilance and Oversight

To ensure fairness and transparency, the CEZA vigilantly oversees and regulates all gambling activities within the CSEZ. The agency has various enforcement mechanisms, including revoking licenses and imposing fines, to guarantee that operations remain compliant and aboveboard.

Authorized Gambling Types

The CEZA endorses the following forms of gambling in CSEZ for a comprehensive gambling environment:

  1. Online Gaming: Catering to the digital realm, online gaming platforms thrive under the CEZA’s watchful eye.
  2. Sports Betting: Enthusiasts find their haven in authorized sports betting opportunities.
  3. E-casinos: Virtual casinos operate within the confines of the CSEZ, providing immersive experiences.
  4. RNG-based Gaming: Games of chance, powered by random number generators, receive the CEZA’s nod.

Brick-and-Mortar Casinos: A Distinctive Realm

While brick-and-mortar casinos flourish within the CSEZ, they are subject to more rigorous regulations than their online counterparts. This dual approach safeguards the interests of both players and the industry.


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