Jema Galanza Net Worth, Age, Height and Achievement

Discover the inspiring journey of Filipino volleyball sensation Jema Galanza. From court triumphs to entrepreneurial ventures, she’s a true icon.
Who is Jema Galanza

Who is Jema Galanza

Ever wondered who Jema Galanza is? She’s not just a volleyball player; she’s a Filipino dynamo born on November 28, 1996, in San Pedro, Laguna. Her love for volleyball began early, and now, she’s a force to be reckoned with in the sports world.

College Triumphs

In college, Jema led the Adamson Soaring Lady Falcons volleyball team in the UAAP. Her skills and leadership secured victories, making her a standout player.

National Pride

Jema didn’t stop at college; she represented the Philippines internationally, showcasing her agility and strategic prowess on the global stage.

Social Media Sensation

Off the court, Jema gained a massive following on KUMU, with over 85,000 followers. Her relatable content has turned her into a role model and influencer.

Fun Facts About Jema Galanza

The Number 3 Connection

Jema’s jersey number 3 is a tribute to her idol, Cherry Chan, a former player and coach who also wore the number 3.

Volleyball Prodigy

Starting at age 10 in the San Pedro Laguna Volleyball Association, Jema quickly rose, showcasing her natural talent.

UAAP Glory

Jema’s college journey at Adamson University included leading her team to a UAAP championship in Season 78.

Beyond Borders

She’s not just a local star; Jema played a crucial role in the Philippine national volleyball team’s victories on the international stage.

More Than an Athlete

Jema is not just about volleyball; she’s a budding entrepreneur with her clothing line and beauty product collaboration.

Jemma’s Impressive Stats

Ever wondered how good Jema is on the court? Check out her stats:

UAAP Season 78 (2015-2016)

  • Attacks: 325 (1st in the UAAP)
  • Spikes: 251 (1st in the UAAP)
  • Spike Efficiency: 37.2% (1st in the UAAP)
  • Points: 350 (2nd in the UAAP)

2019 PVL Open Conference

  • Attacks: 341
  • Spikes: 278
  • Spike Efficiency: 37.8%
  • Points: 353
  • Digs: 150
  • Excellent Receptions: 147

2021 PVL Open Conference

  • Attacks: 279
  • Spikes: 232
  • Spike Efficiency: 40.1%
  • Points: 283
  • Digs: 215
  • Excellent Receptions: 127

2022 PVL Open Conference

  • Attacks: 301
  • Spikes: 249
  • Spike Efficiency: 35.9%
  • Points: 298
  • Digs: 188
  • Excellent Receptions: 124

These numbers prove that Jema is a consistent and powerful player.

Behind the Scenes: Jemma’s Income

Ever wondered how much Jema makes? Let’s break it down:

Volleyball Salary

As a top PVL player, Jema’s estimated salary per season exceeds ₱1 million, a testament to her skills.

Brand Partnerships

Jema’s popularity attracts endorsements, from sports apparel to beauty products, adding to her earnings.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Her clothing line, “JAG by Jema Galanza,” is a hit, showcasing her business savvy.

Jema Galanza isn’t just a volleyball star; she’s an inspiration both in and out of the game. She’s not only the highest-paid volleyball player but also recognized as the best PVL player, making her a role model for everyone.


Jema wears jersey number 3 as a tribute to her idol, Cherry Chan, who also wore the same number.

Jema started playing at the San Pedro Laguna Volleyball Association at 10, showcasing her natural talent.

During her college journey at Adamson University, Jema led her team to a UAAP championship in Season 78.

Jema is a budding entrepreneur with her clothing line, “JAG by Jema Galanza,” showcasing her business acumen.

Jema’s stats in various PVL Open Conferences consistently demonstrate her prowess, from attacks to spike efficiency.


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