Top 10 NBA Players with the Highest Turnovers in History

Discover the top 10 NBA players with the most turnovers in history as of November 11, 2023
Top 10 NBA Players with the Highest Turnovers in History
James Harden

10. James Harden – 3,688 turnovers

James Harden’s scoring ability is matched by a high turnover rate. Explore the correlation between Harden’s offensive prowess and the risk of turnovers.

Artis Gilmore

9. Artis Gilmore – 3,733 turnovers

Artis Gilmore’s All-Star career featured both shot-blocking and turnovers. Discover the dynamics of Gilmore’s play in the context of turnovers in NBA history.

Julius Erving

8. Julius Erving – 3,768 turnovers

Julius Erving’s aerial acrobatics wowed fans, but turnovers were part of the package. Examine how “Dr. J” balanced creativity with the risk of losing possession.

Jason Kidd

7. Jason Kidd – 3,865 turnovers

Jason Kidd’s triple-double performances often included turnovers. Investigate the role turnovers played in Kidd’s unique and versatile approach to the game.

Kobe Bryant

6. Kobe Bryant – 4,010 turnovers

Kobe Bryant’s scoring brilliance is well-known, but so are his turnovers. Unravel the story behind the “Black Mamba’s” aggressive style and its impact on possession.

John Stockton

5. John Stockton – 4,244 turnovers

John Stockton’s longevity is commendable, but it comes with a turnover statistic. Explore how this legendary point guard managed turnovers while setting records for assists.

Moses Malone

4. Moses Malone – 4,264 turnovers

Moses Malone’s dominance in the paint is matched by his turnover numbers. Examine how this Hall of Famer balanced offensive aggression with the risk of losing possession.

Russell Westbrook

3. Russell Westbrook – 4,473 turnovers

Russell Westbrook, known for his explosive style, has faced criticism for turnovers. Dive into the stats to understand the correlation between Westbrook’s aggressive play and turnovers.

Karl Malone

2. Karl Malone – 4,524 turnovers

Karl Malone’s incredible career is marked not only by his scoring prowess but also by turnovers. Uncover the details of how this NBA legend navigated the fine line between risk and reward.

Lebron James

1. LeBron James – 5,003 turnovers

LeBron James, a basketball icon, has not only set records in scoring but also in turnovers. Explore how his dynamic playing style contributed to his position as the all-time leader in NBA turnovers.


Turnovers, though often overlooked, are a crucial aspect of NBA gameplay. This analysis of the top 10 players with the highest turnovers provides a unique perspective on the balance between aggressive play and protecting possession in the world of professional basketball.


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