Philippines’ Top-Paid Athletes: Unlocking Their Earnings

Meet the Philippines’ highest-paid athlete, a superstar in sports, and a financial success story. Learn about their journey to the top!
highest paid ph athletes

If you’ve ever wondered about the financial success of your favorite Filipino athletes, you’re not alone. The Philippines has produced a remarkable roster of sports stars who’ve achieved fame and fortune. This blog post delves into the earnings and incentives of some of the highest-paid athletes in the Philippines, shedding light on their impressive financial journeys.

Highest Paid Filipino Athletes 2023

Ranking 2023Age
1. Manny Pacquiao44 years
2. Yuka Saso22 years
3. Kai Sotto21 years
4. Thirdy Ravena26 years
5. Alex Eala18 years
6. Carlos Yulo23 years
7. Carlo Paalam23 years
8. Nesthy Petecio31 years
9. Eumir Marcial27 years
10. Hidilyn Diaz32 years
11. Ernest John Obiena27 years
Ernest John Obiena

11. Ernest John Obiena: Pole Vault’s Bright Prospect

Ernest John Obiena, a professional pole vaulter and Asian record holder, likely earns a multi-million peso income from tournaments and endorsements. His success and potential for government incentives contribute to his financial prosperity.

Hidilyn Diaz

10. Hidilyn Diaz: Weightlifting’s Golden Girl

Hidilyn Diaz, the first Filipino athlete to win a gold medal at the Olympics, enjoys substantial earnings from tournaments and endorsement deals. Her success at the Olympics and her marketability place her among the highest-earning athletes in the Philippines.

Eumir Marcial

9. Eumir Marcial: Boxing’s Rising Star

Eumir Marcial, a professional boxer with international success, earns a substantial income from tournaments and endorsements. Reports estimate his annual income to be in the millions of pesos. His potential for further success and government incentives add to his wealth.

Nesthy Petecio

8. Nesthy Petecio: Boxing Phenom

Nesthy Petecio, a silver medalist at the Tokyo Olympics, boasts a considerable income from tournaments and endorsement deals. Brands like Nike, Puma, and Smart Communications recognize her marketability. Her success at the Olympics and her popularity in the Philippines contribute to her multi-million peso annual earnings.

Carlo Paalam

7. Carlo Paalam: Boxing Silver Medalist

Carlo Paalam, the silver medalist in boxing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, is set to receive P17 million in rewards for his podium finish. These rewards include cash incentives from the government and contributions from sports foundations and business tycoons. His success marks a historic achievement for Filipino boxing.

Carlos Yulo

6. Carlos Yulo: Gymnastics World Champion

Carlos Yulo, a Filipino artistic gymnast, made history by winning a world championship medal in gymnastics. He is poised for future success, with aspirations of competing for medals at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. Although his exact salary is undisclosed, Yulo’s achievements and potential endorsements contribute significantly to his earnings.

Alex Eala

5. Alex Eala: The Rising Tennis Star

In 2022, the promising tennis player Alex Eala achieved remarkable success. She secured a multi-year contract with Nike, reportedly worth millions of pesos. Her earnings from tournaments and continued progress in tennis are expected to boost her annual income significantly.

Thirdy Ravena

4. Thirdy Ravena: The Basketball Sensation

Thirdy Ravena, one of the most popular basketball players in the Philippines, enjoys a substantial income from salary and endorsement deals. While his salary isn’t disclosed, reports suggest he earns millions of pesos annually. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and Toyota have recognized their marketability.

kai sotto

3. Kai Sotto: Rising Star in Basketball

The towering basketball player Kai Sotto recently signed a lucrative three-year contract with the Adelaide 36ers of the Australian National Basketball League (NBL). His annual salary of $1 million is a testament to his promising career. Sotto’s endorsement deals with big brands like Nike and Puma further bolster his financial success.

Yuka Saso

2. Yuka Saso: Golfing Her Way to Success

Yuka Saso, the young golf sensation, made headlines with her gold medal win at the 2020 Summer Olympics. While her exact salary remains undisclosed, her victory at the Olympics earned her a significant cash reward from the Philippine government. Endorsement deals with major companies like Nike, Mizuno, and Toyota contribute to her multi-million peso annual earnings.

manny pacquiao

1. Manny Pacquiao: A Boxing Legend’s Earnings

Manny Pacquiao, a successful boxer and politician, has earned over $725 million and is the highest-paid athlete in the Philippines. He also earns millions through endorsement deals.


The financial journeys of these Filipino athletes are truly inspiring. From boxing legends like Manny Pacquiao to rising stars like Kai Sotto and Alex Eala, they’ve made a mark in their respective sports and amassed substantial wealth through endorsements and incentives. Their stories serve as a testament to the talent and determination of Filipino athletes.


Manny Pacquiao’s net worth is estimated to be over $725 million.

Yuka Saso won a gold medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in golf.

Kai Sotto earns an annual salary of $1 million.

Carlo Paalam was awarded P17 million for his silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Hidilyn Diaz was the first Filipino athlete to win a gold medal at the Olympics.


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