POGOs: Good or Bad? A Detailed Examination of the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators

The rise of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) has sparked widespread debate and discussion. But is this sector truly detrimental or beneficial to the Philippine economy? In this blog, we delve into both the positive and negative impacts of POGOs in the country to shed light on the nature of this industry. We’ll consider whether they should continue operating in the Philippines or be shut down entirely.
is Pogo Good or bad?

The Positive Effects

  1. Economic Boost: POGOs have attracted significant foreign investments, leading to job opportunities and growth in various sectors.
  2. Foreign Investments: POGOs attract foreign investors who contribute to online gambling platforms and related sectors.
  3. Job Creation: POGOs provide a substantial portion of employment for Filipinos in various roles.
  4. Tax Revenue: POGOs contribute to the economy through taxes, licenses, and corporate fees.
  5. Economic Spin-Offs: Increased income among POGO employees stimulates local businesses.
  6. Real Estate Development: POGOs drive demand for office spaces and commercial establishments, benefiting the real estate sector.

The Negative Impacts

  1. Social Concerns: POGOs may contribute to gambling addiction, crime, and money laundering.
  2. Criminal Activities: Instances of crime, including human trafficking, have been associated with POGOs.
  3. Infrastructure Strain: Rapid growth of POGOs strains infrastructure and resources.
  4. Sovereignty and Security: Increasing numbers of foreign nationals raise concerns about sovereignty and security.

To Allow or Not to Allow?

While POGOs have positively impacted the economy through investments, job creation, and tax revenue, concerns regarding social issues, crime, and infrastructure strain cannot be ignored. Regulators and policymakers must consider mitigating the negative effects while maximizing the benefits.

As the Senate contemplates banning POGOs, it’s crucial to recognize their potential role in economic recovery post-Covid-19. A thorough investigation is necessary before deciding whether the sector should be permanently shut down.



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