Highest Paid Coaches in PVL 2023

Have you ever wondered who the big earners are in PVL coaching? We’re about to spill the beans on the coaches likely raking in the moolah and why.
Highest paid Coaches in PVL

Best-Paid PVL Coaches

10. Mik Silvestre: Sta. Lucia’s Game-Changing Coach

Mik Silvestre is the stability provider for Sta. Lucia Lady Rattlers brings competitiveness to the team, likely bringing stability to his bank account, too.

9. Richie Gorayeb: Cignal HD’s Mentor Extraordinaire

Richie Gorayeb, with vast experience coaching collegiate and national teams, is known for developing young players and probably earning a hefty coaching salary.

8. Perpetual Altas: The Rookie Sensation

Perpetual Altas might be a rookie in coaching, but their aggressive tactics and strong work ethic suggest they need to be a rookie in negotiating a good salary.

7. Francis Vicoria: United VC Ateneo’s Tactician

Francis Vicoria, the brains behind United VC Ateneo Lady Eagles’ triumph, is meticulous in his coaching approach, and it’s likely paying off in his paycheck.

6. Bon Chan Dimagiba: Chery Tiggo’s Power Player

Bon Chan Dimagiba, former national team player turned Chery Tiggo Crossovers’ coach, commands respect and success, translating into a healthy coaching salary.

5. Ramil de Jesus: Akari Power’s Guiding Star

Ramil de Jesus, the experienced mentor of Akari Power Chargers, not only revives teams but also sees a revival in his bank balance with each successful playoff run.

4. Moroi Yamamura: Choco Mucho’s Global Touch

Moroi Yamamura, Choco Mucho Flying Titans’ international coach, brings a unique flair to the game, and his paycheck likely mirrors his global coaching style.

3. Etchong Ugalde: Petro Gazz’s Game Changer

Etchong Ugalde, the seasoned strategist of Petro Gazz Angels, has a knack for turning games in his team’s favor. No wonder he’s counting those extra bucks.

Jorge Souza de Brito

2. Jorge Souza de Brito: Creamline’s Wizard

Jorge Souza de Brito, the maestro of Creamline Cool Smashers, is not just winning titles; he’s also winning big on the financial front.

Oliver Almadro

1. Oliver Almadro: F2 Logistics’ Mastermind

Oliver Almadro, the brain behind F2 Logistics Cargo Movers, is making waves with multiple championships. His paycheck reflects the victories he’s bringing to the team.

The Dark Horses: Coaches to Watch

There might be unsung heroes out there, quietly contributing to their teams. Keep an eye on these dark horses; they might surprise us all.

What Makes the Money Roll In?

  • Winning Games: Coaches with a winning streak get paid more.
  • Experience Matters: The more experienced, the fatter the paycheck.
  • Fame from Playing: Former star players turn coaches and leverage their fame for more money.
  • International Charm: Coaches from abroad demand bigger paychecks for their global expertise.
  • Team Budget Magic: Wealthier teams can afford to pay more, attracting the top coaching talent.


In the PVL coaching game, the big bucks come to those who bring strategy, experience, and victories. While this list isn’t exhaustive, it gives a peek into who’s likely making it rain in the coaching world.

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