The Top 10 Best Poker Players in the World – 2023

In the thrilling realm of poker, a select group of players have risen above the rest, showcasing their unparalleled skills and consistently dominating the competition. As of August 2023, these ten remarkable individuals are the finest poker players on the global stage. Let’s delve into their profiles and discover what sets them apart:
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The 10 Most best and Poker Players in the World in 2023

Best Poker Player in The World 

  1. Justin Bonomo
  2. Bryn Kenney
  3. Daniel Negreanu
  4. Stephen Chidwick
  5. Erik Seidel
  6. Jason Koon
  7. David Peters
  8. Dan Smith
  9. Phil Ivey 
  10. Mikita Bodyakovsky
no1 Justin Bonomo

1. Justin Bonomo (USA) – The Fearless Trailblazer

Earnings: $49 million

Playing Style: Aggressive

Achievements: 11 WSOP bracelets, 2018 Main Event winner

Justin Bonomo is a force to be reckoned with. His aggressive playing style and uncanny ability to decipher opponents’ intentions have propelled him to the pinnacle of the poker world. His 11 WSOP bracelets, including the 2018 Main Event victory, solidify his legendary status.

Bryn Kenney

2. Bryn Kenney (USA) – The Versatile Virtuoso

Earnings: $47 million

Playing Style: Versatile

Achievements: 2 WSOP bracelets, Multiple high-roller wins

Bryn Kenney’s adaptability shines both in cash games and tournaments. He has captured the essence of poker mastery with a staggering $47 million in earnings. His two WSOP bracelets and numerous high-roller triumphs reflect his prowess across all formats.

3. Daniel Negreanu

3. Daniel Negreanu (Canada) – The Charismatic Icon

Earnings: $41 million

Playing Style: Charismatic

Achievements: 3-time WSOP bracelet winner

Daniel Negreanu’s charismatic presence has endeared him to poker fans worldwide. A three-time WSOP bracelet winner, he boasts earnings of $41 million. His connection with fans and remarkable gameplay make him a true poker ambassador.

4. Stephen Chidwick

4. Stephen Chidwick (UK) – The Rising Star

Earnings: $37 million

Playing Style: Technical

Achievements: 2 WSOP bracelets

Stephen Chidwick’s meteoric ascent is fueled by his technical prowess and ability to navigate complex situations. His $37 million earnings and two WSOP bracelets underscore his exceptional aptitude and determination.

5. Erik Seidel

5. Erik Seidel (USA) – The Veteran Strategist

Earnings: $35.27 million

Playing Style: Calm and Calculated

Achievements: 8 WSOP bracelets

Erik Seidel’s veteran experience spanning over three decades is a testament to his strategic brilliance. He exemplifies poised decision-making with a tranquil demeanor and a record of 8 WSOP bracelets.

Jason Koon the number 6 for the best poker player in the world

6. Jason Koon (USA) – The Fearless Risk-Taker

Earnings: $35.2 million

Playing Style: Aggressive

Achievements: High-stakes cash game player

Jason Koon’s audacious approach and readiness to take risks have propelled him to a staggering $35.2 million in earnings. His success in both high-stakes cash games and tournaments reflects his daring nature.

David Peters the number seven for the best poker player in the world

7. David Peters (USA) – The Adaptable Prodigy

Earnings: $35.18 million

Playing Style: Adaptable

Achievements: All-around excellence

His profound understanding of the game drives David Peters’ rise to prominence. His $35.18 million earnings signify his exceptional adaptability and aptitude for diverse playing styles.

Dan Smith the top 8 best poker player in the world

8. Dan Smith (USA) – The Calculated Grinder

Earnings: $32 million

Playing Style: Tight-Aggressive

Achievements: High-stakes cash game player

Dan Smith’s calculated approach and tight-aggressive style have amassed him an impressive $32 million in earnings. His ability to consistently grind out victories sets him apart in the competitive poker landscape.

Phil Ivey the top 9 best player in the world

9. Phil Ivey (USA) – The Technical Virtuoso

Earnings: $31.98 million

Playing Style: Technical

Achievements: 10 WSOP bracelets

Phil Ivey’s name resonates throughout poker history. Renowned for his unparalleled technical skills and 10 WSOP bracelets, his $31.98 million earnings reflect his mastery of the game’s intricacies.

Mikita Bodyakovsky the number 10 best poker player in the world

10. Mikita Bodyakovsky (Belarus) – The Rising Force

Earnings: $31.97 million

Playing Style: Aggressive

Achievements: Tournament specialist

Mikita Bodyakovsky’s aggressive gameplay and penchant for big plays have propelled him to the top echelons of tournament play. His $31.97 million earnings highlight his rapid ascent in the poker world.


Ranking poker players is complex, considering factors such as tournament earnings, cash game performance, individual tournament victories, playing style, and longevity. While no single formula exists, these ten individuals have consistently demonstrated their prowess and secured their positions as the world’s finest poker players. As the landscape evolves, their enduring legacies inspire the next generation of poker enthusiasts.

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