Top Highest Paid Players in the MPBL

Discover the highest paid players in the MPBL, from Renz Abando to Alvin Pasaol. Explore their earnings, careers, and impact on Philippine basketball.
highest paid mpbl player

The Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL) boasts an array of remarkable talents, both rising stars and established players, who showcase their skills on the court. This article delves into the top highest-paid players within the MPBL, shedding light on their earnings, achievements, and current teams. Please note that while these figures provide a snapshot of player salaries, they may be subject to variations. The MPBL imposes a salary cap of P50,000 per month, though select teams might offer more lucrative deals to their standout athletes.

Renz Abando

1. Rhenz Abando (Monthly Salary ₱50,000)

Leading the earnings chart is Rhenz Abando, raking in a monthly salary of P50,000. Renz, a former NCAA Season 97 Most Valuable Player, currently shines on the court as a vital member of the Davao Occidental Tigers.

Jayjay Alejandro

2. Jayjay Alejandro (Monthly Salary ₱45,000)

Taking the second spot is Jayjay Alejandro, with a monthly salary of P45,000. Jayjay, a former PBA player, adds his expertise to the San Juan Knights lineup, elevating their gameplay.

Rico Maierhofer

3. Rico Maierhofer (Monthly Salary ₱40,000)

Rico Maierhofer secures the third position among the highest-paid players, earning P40,000 monthly. With experience in the PBA, Rico contributes his skills to the Pampanga Delta, enhancing their prospects.

Jervy Cruz

4. Jervy Cruz (Monthly Salary ₱35,000)

Jervy Cruz claims the fourth spot, commanding a monthly stipend of P35,000. A former PBA player, Jervy strengthens the Pasig Pirates, bringing his wealth of experience to the court.

alvin pasaol

5. Alvin Pasaol (Monthly Salary ₱30,000)

In the fifth position, Alvin Pasaol receives a monthly compensation of P30,000. Alvin, a former NCAA Season 95 Most Valuable Player, showcases his talent with the Bacolod Ballers.


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