What is PAGCOR: Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation

PAGCOR regulates and centralizes all games of chance, including casinos, in the Philippines since 1977. It contributes significantly to the nation-building project by generating major government revenue. PAGCOR grants franchises to gaming establishments, oversees responsible gaming, and monitors online gaming through its Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) initiative. PAGCOR’s proactive approach to the gaming industry makes it a crucial and influential entity.
what is pagcor?

An Introduction to the Philippines' Regulatory Authority for Gaming

PAGCOR was created through Presidential Decree 1067-A during the Marcos era as a government-owned and controlled corporation. This body balances the Philippines’ profitable and responsible gaming industry.

The History of PAGCOR

The establishment of PAGCOR

PAGCOR was established in 1977, during the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos, to centralize and regulate all games of chance in the country, particularly casinos.

Growth and development

Over the years, PAGCOR has grown in scope and influence. Its success has been shaped by changes in local and international gaming landscapes and the evolving needs of Filipino society.

The Role and Functions of PAGCOR

Regulatory functions

PAGCOR is responsible for regulating and supervising all games of chance in the country. This includes ensuring that all gaming establishments and sports betting company comply with local laws and regulations.

Licensing and franchising

PAGCOR also grants franchises to operate gaming establishments. However, it sets strict standards to ensure that only entities that can uphold responsible gaming practices are given licenses.

Economic contributions

Beyond its regulatory roles, PAGCOR has a significant economic impact. It is one of the government’s top revenue earners and substantially contributes to nation-building projects.

The Impact of PAGCOR on the Philippines Gaming Industry

Strengthening the local economy

PAGCOR has significantly boosted the Philippine economy by regulating the gaming industry. The revenue generated is channeled into several government projects.

Ensuring responsible gaming

One of the significant roles of PAGCOR is to ensure responsible gaming. It implements measures to prevent problem gambling and protect the players’ welfare.

Boosting tourism

PAGCOR also contributes to tourism in the country. For example, establishing world-class gaming facilities has drawn tourists from around the world.

PAGCOR's Online Gaming Regulation

The rise of online gaming

With the increasing popularity of online gaming, PAGCOR has implemented regulations to oversee and monitor these activities.

POGO and its implications

One of PAGCOR’s initiatives is the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO), allowing licensed online gaming companies to cater to overseas players. This initiative has generated substantial revenues but also raised various social issues.

  • Ensuring fair play online
    PAGCOR ensures that fair play and responsible gaming principles apply to the online space just as they do to land-based operations.

The Future of PAGCOR and the Philippines' Gaming Industry

Potential challenges

Like any industry, the gaming industry faces potential challenges. The regulatory body needs to be proactive in addressing these potential issues.

Possible developments

PAGCOR, as the key player in the gaming industry, plays a crucial role in navigating these challenges and shaping the future of the gaming industry in the Philippines.


PAGCOR is a big deal in making sure games in the Philippines are fair. They watch over casinos and sportsbooks too. They’re good at fixing problems in all kinds of games, online and traditional ones. As games change, PAGCOR will keep being important. They even do detailed reviews of casinos and sportsbooks to make sure everything is right. This makes PAGCOR a key player in the gaming world.


PAGCOR is a government-owned and controlled corporation responsible for regulating all games of chance in the Philippines.

PAGCOR was established in 1977 during the presidency of Ferdinand Marcos.

PAGCOR regulates all games of chance, grants franchises for gaming establishments, ensures responsible gaming, and contributes to the economy.

PAGCOR is one of the top revenue earners for the government, and its revenues are used for several nation-building projects.

PAGCOR has established regulations to govern online gaming operations and ensures fair play and responsible gaming in the online space.


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