Who is Kyt Jimenez, and Why Should You Know Him?

Hello hoops fans! Exciting news on rising Philippine basketball star Kyt Jimenez. Discover why he’s making waves!
Who is Kyt Jimenez

The Breakthrough Moment

Picture this: It’s October 10th, and a young player named Kyt Jimenez is rewriting the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL) history books. In a match against Mindoro, Kyt pulls off a quadruple-double – that’s 33 points, 13 rebounds, 11 assists, and 11 steals! Talk about a game-changer.

Putting Kyt’s Feat into Perspective

Now, how big of a deal is a quadruple-double? In the Philippines, only one other player, Donbel Belano, has achieved this rare feat. And globally, Kyt joins an elite club alongside NBA legends like Nate Thurmond, Alvin Robertson, Hakeem Olajuwon, and David Robinson.

Meet Kyt Jimenez

Let’s get to know the man behind the headlines. Kyt, a 25-year-old dynamo, graduated from the University of Perpetual Help-DALTA. Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and raised in Quezon City, this 5-foot-11 baller has been turning heads since his collegiate days.

The Comeback Kid

Kyt’s journey could have been smoother. An ACL tear slowed him down during his college basketball days. But guess what? He bounced back stronger, showcasing his talent on the court and even gaining attention from the YouTube crowd.

Kyt’s Take on Success

In a recent interview, Kyt said, “I just wanted to please the fans and enjoy the game.” Seeing a player driven by passion and a love for the sport is refreshing.

Offers and Opportunities

Not surprisingly, Kyt’s stellar performance hasn’t gone unnoticed. Three Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) teams and two foreign clubs have extended offers. The question now is, what’s next for this rising star?

Future Plans

Kyt isn’t resting on his laurels. While he enjoyed the PBA Commissioner’s Cup action, he remains focused on the MPBL. His goal? To finish strong where he is. But a PBA draft might be in the cards soon, given his undeniable talent.

Challenges and Aspirations

Acknowledging the challenges ahead, Kyt understands there’s more to prove and improve. He aims to make his mark on the Philippine basketball scene with hard work, determination, and patience.

Kyt Jimenez Salary in PBA 

The designated salary for rookies in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is presently capped at ₱200,000 per month or ₱2.4 million annually. This salary limit serves the purpose of fostering fairness among teams and curbing excessive expenditures on emerging players. In their sophomore year, rookies have the potential for a salary hike of up to 50%, enabling them to earn a maximum of ₱300,000 per month or ₱3.6 million annually. Consequently, the suggested salary for Kyt Jimenez may align with these figures.

In Conclusion

Kyt Jimenez is not just a name; he’s a rising star passionate about the game. Whether he ends up in the PBA or continues to shine in the MPBL, one thing’s for sure – Kyt is a player to watch. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors!


The Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League is pro in the Philippines.

Kyt made history with a quadruple-double in an MPBL match, a rare feat in basketball.

He received offers from three PBA teams and two foreign clubs based on his impressive performance.

An ACL tear during college slowed him down, but he made a strong comeback.

 Focusing on the MPBL for now, Kyt aims to finish strong before possibly joining the PBA draft


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