Celtics revive against Heat, stave off elimination, and push for Game 5 in Eastern Conference finals

Celtics revive against Heat, stave off elimination, and push for Game 5 in Eastern Conference finals​

Boston Celtics defy elimination, ignite resurgence against Miami Heat in Game 4 of Eastern Conference finals.

In a crucial Game 4 showdown against the Miami Heat, the Boston Celtics showcased impressive composure and finally found their rhythm from beyond the arc, resulting in a season-saving 116-99 victory. Their resilient performance keeps them alive in the series and sets the stage for an intense Game 5 in Boston on Thursday.

As expected, the Celtics burst onto the court with a surge of energy in the opening minutes. However, the Heat weathered the storm and seized control, dominating much of the first half and entering halftime with a six-point lead. They swiftly extended their advantage to nine early in the third quarter, appearing poised for a decisive run to secure a commanding lead. Yet, the momentum swiftly shifted in favor of the Celtics.

In a stunning turn of events, the Celtics embarked on a remarkable 16-0 run, wresting away the lead and maintaining their advantage for the remainder of the game. Jayson Tatum was particularly outstanding in the second half, contributing 33 points, 11 rebounds, and seven assists on an impressive 14-of-22 shooting performance. In the fourth quarter, Tatum’s clutch plays thwarted any hopes of a Heat comeback.

The Celtics’ three-point shooting played a pivotal role in their triumph, having struggled from deep earlier in the series. However, in this crucial matchup, they found their range, sinking a remarkable 19 three-pointers and outscoring the Heat by an impressive 33 points from beyond the arc.

Here are some key highlights from the game:

  • The Boston Celtics displayed remarkable resilience, defying elimination and sparking a resurgence in Game 4 against the Miami Heat.
  • Jayson Tatum’s exceptional second-half performance propelled the Celtics to victory, recording 33 points, 11 rebounds, and seven assists.
  • The Celtics’ three-point shooting finally came alive, with 19 successful conversions, establishing a significant advantage over the Heat from downtown.

The series now heads back to Boston, setting the stage for an exhilarating Game 5 on Thursday night.

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Tatum Shines as Celtics Fight Off Elimination

Jayson Tatum may not have been the primary concern for the Celtics in this series, but his struggles in the fourth quarter of the first three games and critical mistakes in Games 1 and 2 were evident. As the Celtics faced the threat of elimination, they relied on Tatum to deliver a complete performance, and he rose to the occasion.

Once again, Tatum displayed his clutch abilities in a do-or-die situation, pouring in 33 points on an impressive 14-of-22 shooting. He also contributed 11 rebounds and seven assists, making his impact felt throughout the game. However, what made his performance even more remarkable was the timing of his significant contributions, both to keep the Celtics in the game and to propel them to victory.

In the early stages of the third quarter, the Heat took a nine-point lead after Tatum blocked a Max Strus 3-point attempt, only for Strus to recover the ball and make a successful second attempt. This turn of events had the potential to derail the Celtics’ momentum, but Tatum refused to let it happen. Instead, he responded immediately by sinking two crucial three-pointers, igniting a game-changing 16-0 run that established the Celtics’ lead for the remainder of the contest.

Furthermore, when the Heat managed to trim the deficit to five points while Tatum was briefly on the bench in the fourth quarter, he swiftly returned to the game and turned the tide in favor of the Celtics. He made a pivotal mid-range jumper in the heart of the Heat’s defensive zone, sparking a decisive 12-0 run to seal the victory. Tatum scored or assisted on 10 of the Celtics’ points during that game-ending stretch.

When it mattered most, Jayson Tatum’s stellar performance showcased his ability to step up in critical moments. As the Celtics fight to prolong their playoff journey, Tatum’s contributions become even more crucial to their success.

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Celtics Reign Supreme in 3-Point Battle, Secure Game 4 Victory

In this series, the Boston Celtics showcased an impressive sixth-place ranking in the league for 3-point shooting, boasting a 37.7 percent success rate. At the same time, the Miami Heat struggled, ranking 27th with a 34.4 percent accuracy. In addition, the Heat converted 44 of their 92 attempts in the first three games, compared to the Celtics’ 31 of 106 shots from beyond the arc.

However, a significant turnaround occurred in Game 4. The Celtics found their shooting touch, finishing 18-of-45 from deep, while the Heat struggled at 8-of-32. This reversal of fortune played a pivotal role in the Celtics’ victory and shifted the series’ momentum.

The Celtics’ success from beyond the arc is significant throughout the playoffs. When they make at least 15 three-pointers, their record stands at an impressive 10-2, highlighting the impact of their long-range shooting. Conversely, their record drops to 1-6 when they fall short of the 15-shot mark.

What’s even more encouraging for the Celtics is that their 3-point success was a collective effort. Jayson Tatum, Grant Williams, Al Horford, Marcus Smart, and Derrick White all connected on at least three triples each, with Jaylen Brown contributing another of his own.

The clear disparity in 3-point performance between the Celtics and the Heat has shed light on their contrasting shooting abilities. Moving forward, the Celtics aim to maintain their shooting prowess, capitalizing on their collective efforts from beyond the arc as the series progresses.

Celtics Issue a Warning: "Don't Let Us Get One"

In a bold pregame statement, the Celtics made their intentions clear. Marcus Smart declared, “Don’t let us get one,” while Jaylen Brown added, “Don’t let us win tonight.” They backed up their words with a stellar performance, keeping their season alive. However, they face an uphill battle ahead.

Making a historic comeback from a 3-0 deficit is an unprecedented feat in NBA history, with only three teams managing to force a Game 7 out of the 150 previous instances. What makes this matchup intriguing is that the Celtics were originally considered heavy favorites, unlike most teams in a 3-0 hole who are typically seen as underdogs. This suggests that the Celtics have a better chance than most teams in similar situations to make history.

Yet, the road ahead will be challenging, especially facing a Jimmy Butler-led team. The Celtics will need three flawless performances to complete the comeback, beginning with Game 5 on their home court. However, it’s worth noting that their home record in the postseason stands below .500 at 4-5, adding another layer of challenge to their task.

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