F2 Logistics Bids Farewell to the Cargo Movers, Shifting Focus to Grassroots Development

F2 Logistics bids farewell to Cargo Movers volleyball team, shifting focus to grassroots development & supporting La Salle & Perpetual Help.
F2 Logistics Bids Farewell to the Cargo Movers

For seven years, the F2 Logistics Cargo Movers were a force to be reckoned with in Philippine volleyball. But on Wednesday evening, the company announced a difficult decision: to disband the team and shift its focus to grassroots development.

The Cargo Movers’ journey began in 2016, bringing together La Salle alumnae and talented newcomers. They dominated the Philippine Superliga, claiming five championships before the league folded in 2021. Their transition to the Premier Volleyball League was less triumphant, but they still captured bronze in the 2023 First All-Filipino Conference.

In their official statement, F2 Logistics expressed gratitude to their loyal supporters, the coaches and players, and the leagues that provided them with a platform. They recognized not only their six championships, four silver finishes, and three bronze finishes but also their contribution to the Philippine national team and the sport’s development in the country.

While the Cargo Movers may no longer grace the professional courts, their legacy lives on, F2 Logistics remains committed to nurturing young talents through their support for La Salle and the University of Perpetual Help and investing in grassroots programs.

For fans, the disbandment is bittersweet. The Cargo Movers brought excitement, pride, and unforgettable moments. But F2 Logistics’ commitment to fostering future generations of volleyball stars promises a new chapter of hope and inspiration.

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