BingoPlus Referral Program: Refer Friends, Earn Points, and Win Big

Level up your Bingo game! Refer friends to BingoPlus & rack up points! Earn 20 pts per friend, unlock bonus rewards, & redeem for cool prizes!
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refer a friend & earn point at bingo plus

What is the Bingo Plus Referral Program?

Calling all Bingo fans! Get ready to level up your game and shower yourself (and your friends) with rewards with the all-new BingoPlus Referral Program. It’s time to share the excitement, spread the Bingo love, and rake in points that’ll have you chanting “BINGO!” in more ways than one.

How does it work?

It’s that simple! For every new user you successfully invite who meets the following criteria, you’ll be showered with 20 points:

  • You can share your referral link or QR code with your friends to earn points.
  • Completes KYC settings. This helps ensure a safe and secure playing environment for everyone.
  • Bets on any game on BingoPlus. Let them experience the thrill of the game firsthand!
  • The more referrals you get, the merrier (and the more points you get)!

Referral Point System

  • 3 referrals: Get an extra 100 points! Your friends are joining the fun, and so are the rewards.
  • 5 referrals: Level up with 200 bonus points! You’re practically a BingoPlus pro at this point.
  • 10 referrals: Hit the jackpot with a whopping 500 bonus points! You’re a true BingoPlus ambassador, and we appreciate you!

The Rewards Don’t Stop There

  • Your friends can join the fun! They can also invite their friends and create a chain reaction of referrals and rewards. Everyone wins!
  • Turn your points into prizes! Redeem your hard-earned points for chips, Bingo cards, and even cool BingoPlus goodies at the mall. Treat yourself and your friends!

Important Details to Remember

  • This program is open to individual players only. No cooperative agents or businesses are allowed.
  • BingoPlus reserves the right to interpret the program rules as needed.

Ready to unleash your inner referral champion? Head to the BingoPlus website or app to grab your unique link or QR code and spread the Bingo joy!

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