Get Up to 8% Cashback on Your Weekly Sports Betting Losses with OKBET!

Recover up to 8% of your weekly sports betting losses with OKBET’s Sports Lucky Cashback promotion. Join now and boost your winnings!
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Are you a sports betting enthusiast looking for a way to make your losses less painful? Look no further! OKBET has the solution for you with their fantastic 8% Sports Lucky Cashback promotion. With this offer, you can receive cashback on your weekly sports betting losses and maximize your winnings. Read on to learn how to claim your rebate and the terms and conditions that apply.

How to Claim the Weekly Lose Rebate

To be eligible for the Weekly Lose Rebate, you must be an active and KYC-verified member of OKBET. This promotion is open exclusively for sports betting, excluding Esports. Employees of the company, their relatives up to second-degree affinity, gaming site operators, banned personalities, and government officials or employees are not eligible to join the promo.

Here’s how it works

Players who have lost at least ₱500 in a week, starting from Monday 12:00 AM to Sunday 11:59 PM, can apply for the rebate. The rebate percentage varies based on your weekly losing amount:

  • ₱500 – ₱3,000: 5% rebate with a maximum bonus of ₱150 and a 1x bonus turnover.
  • ₱3,001 – ₱10,000: 6% rebate with a maximum bonus (no specific cap mentioned).
  • ₱10,001 – ₱50,000: 7% rebate with a maximum bonus of ₱3,500.
  • ₱50,001 and above 8% rebate with a maximum bonus capped at ₱50,000.

To claim your bonus, you can apply the Weekly Lose Rebate on the following day within the week. For example, if you reach a losing amount of ₱30,000, you’ll receive ₱2,100 as a bonus (₱30,000 x 7%). If you reach ₱60,000, you can get ₱4,800 as a bonus (₱60,000 x 8%). To claim your bonus, contact a Customer Service Representative at The bonus comes with a 1x turnover requirement.

Please note that the promotion turnover calculations exclude draw results, betting on both sides and voided/canceled games.

Terms and Conditions

In case of any fraudulent or suspicious activities, OKBET reserves the right to terminate the player’s account and forfeit the winnings or bonuses.

OKBET has the right to change and terminate this promotion without prior notice, subject to PAGCOR approval.

All marketing materials and prizes (Minimum of ₱25 and Maximum of ₱50,000) will be shouldered by OKBET.

General OKBET Terms & Conditions apply.


It’s a promotion that offers cashback to players on their weekly sports betting losses, up to 8% of their losses.

You need to be an active KYC-verified member of OKBET and meet the minimum weekly loss requirement of ₱500.

You can apply for the rebate the day after you’ve reached the required losing amount and must contact a Customer Service Representative.

Yes, draw results, betting on both sides and voided/canceled games are excluded.


For any inquiries or to learn more about this promotion, contact our helpful customer service team at OKBET. They’re available in English to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Now you’re all set to make the most of the OKBET 8% Sports Lucky Cashback promotion. Join OKBET today and elevate your sports betting experience!

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