Triple-Thrill Welcome Bonus Package! by Winzir

WinZir’s TRIPLE-THRILL Welcome Bonus! 3 days of FREE bets, spins & bonuses! Deposit P1,000+ & unlock your adventure!
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Triple-Thrill Welcome Bonus

What is the Triple Thrill Welcome Bonus?

WinZir, an online casino platform, has a special offer called the Triple-Thrill Welcome Bonus Package. This promotion is designed exclusively for new players who register and verify their accounts after August 11, 2023. The offer is spread over three days and provides exciting rewards to enhance your experience as you start playing with WinZir.

Day 1: Kick off the Fun

  • Register & Verify: Create your WinZir account and pass the quick video call verification. It’s easy-peasy!
  • Deposit P1,000+: Unlock your treasure chest of rewards with a minimum deposit of P1,000.
  • Sportsbook Free Bet P250: Go wild on your favorite sports with no restrictions!
  • 20 Free Spins on Ali Baba: Spin your way to wins with 20 free spins on this thrilling Jili Games slot.

Day 2: Double the Excitement

  • 48 Hours Later: Even more goodies arrive just 48 hours after your first deposit.
  • Sportsbook Free Bet P100: Another free bet to fuel your sports betting frenzy!
  • 20 More Ali Baba Free Spins: Keep the excitement spinning with extra free spins.
  • Live Casino Bonus P100: Take your game live with a P100 bonus on Evolution Games Shows!

Day 3: Grand Finale, Epic Rewards

  • 72 Hours Later: As the countdown reaches zero, prepare for the final prize haul!
  • Sportsbook Free Bet P100: One last free bet to solidify your winning streak.
  • Casino Wagering Bonus P250 on Jili Slots: Play to real money wins with this exciting bonus.

Unlock Your Triple Thrill Today!

This exclusive offer awaits players who register and verify after August 11, 2023. With a minimum deposit of P1,000 within 30 days, you’re just steps away from unleashing the Triple-Thrill Welcome Bonus. Remember, each player gets one epic adventure!

Grab your Triple-Thrill Welcome Bonus – the party starts with WINZIR & more promotions are waiting! Register now and unlock instant rewards, with even more special offers to come.

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