GameX Sports Review: PH Best Online Basketball Ending Platform

Win BIG in PH! GameX Sports Review: Bet the last 2 digits of b-ball games and win! PAGCOR License – find out if it’s your court!
Who is GameX Sports

Who are GameX Sports?

Owned by Las Casas Gaming and targeting Filipino basketball fans 21+, GameX Sports brings a thrilling twist to online betting with its unique focus on predicting the last two digits of basketball scores. Licensed by PAGCOR and committed to responsible play, they offer user-friendly web and Android platforms while planning to expand to other sports, an iOS app, and potentially even the international market.

Sports to bet on GameX Sports

Currently, GameX Sports only offers basketball betting, specifically on basketball endings. This means you can wager on the last two digits of the final score in various professional basketball leagues, including the NBA, PBA, and NBL.

However, GameX Sports has plans to expand their offerings in the future. They’ve expressed interest in including other popular sports and games, so watch for that!

What does GameX Sports offer?

Basketball Ending

The main attraction! Bet on your lucky two digits from various professional basketball leagues, including the NBA, PBA, and NBL. Winnings can be substantial, and the thrill of predicting the ending digits keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Lucky Four

Add a twist to your basketball fun. Guess the last digit ending score of the winning team in each quarter for a chance to win.

Mobile App

Placing bets on GameX Sports is as smooth as a slam dunk. Their user-friendly platform, available both on the web and through a dedicated Android app, allows you to navigate easily. Whether you’re a seasoned betting veteran or a curious newcomer, GameX Sports makes it effortless to register, deposit funds, choose your bets, and track your winnings.

Payment Method

Why do you need to choose Gamex for sports betting?

GameX Sports might be a compelling choice for your sports betting ventures, especially in the Philippines:

  • Unique Thrill: Tired of traditional spreads and handicaps? GameX Sports puts a fresh spin on things, focusing on basketball endings. Predict the last two digits of the score and feel the adrenaline rush as the clock ticks down!
  • Filipino Flavor: Catering specifically to the Filipino market, GameX Sports understands the passion for basketball. They offer betting options for local and international leagues like PBA and NBA, making it feel familiar and exciting.
  • Safe & Secure: Licensed by PAGCOR and backed by Las Casas Gaming Inc., GameX Sports emphasizes responsible and ethical practices. Rest assured that your bets are placed in a secure and regulated environment.
  • Convenience & Access: Forget physical shops! Place bets, track winnings, and manage your account anytime, anywhere with their user-friendly website and Android app (iOS coming soon!).
  • Future Potential: Though currently focused on basketball, GameX Sports has ambitious plans to expand to other sports and games. You might soon be able to bet on your favorite football team or boxer’s next knockout!


  • Focus on basketball ending: A unique and exciting betting option not commonly found elsewhere.
  • Easy-to-use platform and app: User-friendly interface makes betting a breeze.
  • Secure and licensed: Peace of mind knowing your bets are placed with a reputable and regulated platform.
  • Multiple payment options: Select your preferred option for easy transactions.


  • Limited sports betting options: Currently, only basketball, with no other sports available yet.
  • App only available on Android: iOS users must wait for app access.
  • Focus on the Philippines: It may be better for international players outside the region.

The Verdict

secure environment make it a compelling choice. However, if you’re looking for a wider range of sports or international accessibility, you might want to explore other options until GameX Sports expands its offerings.


What is GameX Sports?

GameX Sports is a PAGCOR-licensed online sports betting platform focused on basketball ending games in the Philippines. You bet on the last two digits of the final score in various professional leagues like the NBA and PBA.

How old do I need to be to play?

You must be at least 21 years old to register and play on GameX Sports.

What betting options are available?

Two main options

  • Basketball Ending: Bet on your lucky two digits to match the last two digits of the final score.
  • Lucky Four: Guess the last digit ending score of the winning team in each quarter.

How do I deposit and withdraw money?

You can use popular e-wallets like GCash and Maya for convenient transactions.

Is GameX Sports safe and secure?

Yes, they are licensed operations under PAGCOR, which ensures that your bets are secure, and our responsible gaming practices guarantee a safe environment.

Is there a GameX Sports app?

Yes, there is a dedicated Android app available on Google Play. They are working on an iOS app for Apple users.

What makes GameX Sports different?

Their unique focus on basketball endings adds a twist to traditional sports betting. They also cater specifically to the Filipino market with local and international league options.

Is GameX Sports available outside the Philippines?

Currently, the platform is only accessible in the Philippines. International expansion might be considered in the future, depending on regulations.

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